11 Top Reasons to Build Lean Muscle Mass

If you’re looking to change your body and develop a more toned physique while improving your strength and fitness, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is building more lean muscle mass.

Some people don’t understand all the many benefits that can be had by putting forth some effort to gain more lean muscle mass, and thus they don’t go after this goal as hard as they should.

But the facts are simple – if you want to build your best body ever, gaining lean mass should be a top priority.

  1. It boosts your metabolic rate. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn off daily.
  2. It helps prevent fat gain. Since you will have a higher metabolic rate with more lean muscle mass, you will be less likely to convert calories to body fat stores.
  3. It improves your functional strength. The more lean muscle mass you have present, the elementary everyday activities such as carrying groceries or picking up heavy boxes will feel.
  4. It enhances sports performance. When you have more lean muscle mass, your sports performance will increase, and you’ll notice a higher level of speed and strength.
  5. It improves the way you look. Adding more lean muscle mass will help to boost your appearance, making you look fit and firm.
  6. It helps strengthen the joints. Since muscles will help hold bones in place and make sure they’re tracking correctly, when you’re stronger, you’re less likely to suffer from joint problems.
  7. It boosts self-confidence. People who feel healthy and fit often find they feel more empowered and confident in their life.
  8. It improves posture. The stronger your upper-body muscles are, the better you’ll be able to maintain proper form.
  9. It helps boost insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is a factor that establishes how easily you convert excess calories to body fat stores. The higher your insulin sensitivity is, the less likely you are to put on body fat.
  10. It improves performance in any fitness-related activities. With more muscle mass, you’ll be stronger to do exercises such as running, cycling, boot camp, or any other fitness classes you may be taking.
  11. It reduces your risk of injury. The more muscle and strength you possess, the less likely you are to be impacted by oncoming forces, which could potentially lead to a muscle tear or sprain.

So as you can see, there are a vast number of reasons to consider adding more lean muscle mass to your frame. If you’re tired of not reaching your body image or fitness goals, focusing on lean muscle mass may be your solution.

Don’t be afraid of getting big and bulky overnight. Muscle mass gain is a relatively slow process, and you can be in control the entire time and change your exercise plan to have a direct influence on the results that you see.

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